What Plants Grow Best in Hydroponics System Answered

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Now that you’ve got a hydroponics system setup and ready for plants you may wonder just what plants grow best in hydroponics? And really there are many things that factor into the decision of what you’ll grow. One thing to keep in mind is what do you like? For instance, if you don’t really care for lettuce then why grow it? Or at least why grow much of it. It is a good vegetable to grow in hydroponics but it can be of lesser nutritional value than some other choices. 

What Plants Grow Best in Hydroponics System Answered

There are basically three types of plants that do well in hydroponics systems and they include vegetables, herbs, and even fruits. One of the biggest things to really avoid would be wooded stalk plants or plants that grow to larger heights before producing any fruit or crop. I’ll go over what plants grow best in hydroponics systems below.

What Plants Grow Best in Hydroponics System AnsweredGrowing Vegetables Hydroponically

  • Lettuce – Most leafy vegetables will grow well in hydroponics. They grow fast and can be grown in 6 to 8 weeks complete. There are also many different varieties of lettuce to choose from as well.
  • Celery – A dieters best friend. Since it takes more calories for your body to break down the celery than the amount of calories it takes in it’s a great addition to a diet. Celery does have shallow roots that can be problematic.
  • Cucumbers – A better way to grow cucumbers in hydroponics is by using a drip system to deliver the nutrients. They grow quickly although they can quickly get out of control with vines.
  • Radishes – This root will do well in a direct water system hydroponics system. They taste great and there are many different ways to prepare this tasty vegetable. This is one of the only root vegetables that does well. Vegetables such as carrots or potatoes should be avoided in a direct water hydroponic system.

Growing Tomatoes HydroponicallyGrowing Fruits Hydroponically

  • Strawberries – This is a great crop that can be grown year round if you keep the humidity and temperature correct. It can be difficult for huge temperature shifts such as seasonal changes.
  • Watermelons – Since water melons are made mostly of water it just makes sense that they would be recommended as what plants grow best in hydroponics. If you are using a floating system be aware of the weight of the full grown melon and take precautions.
  • Cantaloupe – Like watermelons that grow well hydroponically however they can also be problematic in terms of weight in floating systems.
  • Grapes – First year grapes have done well sometimes but can be a problem later especially when the stalk starts to get ‘woody’. Keeping the pH level is also crucial for growing grapes.
  • Blueberries – Unlike grapes these plants usually won’t produce a harvest until their second year. If you’re looking for a fast return this just isn’t the plant you want.
  • Tomatoes – One of my favorite foods are tomatoes and they do very well in a hydroponics system. You will need to set up a support system as the weight of the tomatoes can damage the plant. For continuing crops you’ll need to use indeterminate tomato plants.

herbsGrowing Herbs Hydroponically

Almost all herbs will do well when grown hydroponically. Because of their small footprint you can also include many different types of herbs in your system. Some herbs such as chives, oregano, basil, and sage will perform better with drip fed hydroponic systems. While others can be completely floated for a great crop.

Want to Start Your Own Hydroponics Setup?

Doing aquaponics or hydroponics usually means lots of trial and error. Testing things and making mistakes is how we learn. It’s how I learned what plants grow best in hydroponics but you can save loads of time and money by checking out this guide which goes into lots more details about growing plants hydroponically. It’s a straightforward guide that eliminates much of the fluff content you find online. Get down to what works today with hydroponics. Check out the guide here. 

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